Parallel Play Session # 1

Partner: Brandon Zhou –

Brandon chose Normal Mode over No-Sweat mode, and prefers to use Mouse and Keyboard control configurations instead of a controller.  He rushes straight through the tutorial beginning – his goal seems to be to get the main game quickly without delay.  He likes to dodge roll constantly for traversal, as it seems to be quicker than walking around normally.  He only stops once in a while to read the flavor text of collectible items if he is interested.  Seemingly, Brandon has created a rule within his own game space to destroy any and all destructible crates, barrels, or boxes if he encounters them.  Prefers to use the Fang Reaper ranged weapon for offense, and using the shield for defense – using the hammer only when enemies surround him or he is out of ammo.  He uses the Breaker Bow’s increased allowance of precise controlled aiming to his advantage to dispatch of turrets.  When choosing which passive perks to equip in the Distillery, he chooses the Fetching Fizz drink for easier pick up of dropped items.  He chooses to skip using the Arsenal and instead keeps his current equipment load out of the Hammer and the Bow.  Through traversing the level, he has fallen off them map accidentally once or twice, due to rushing through with dodge rolling.  During combat for the “boss” of the tutorial level, he still adheres to his previous tactics and rules for combat by keeping to a distance and using ranged attacks over up-close melee strikes.  In the final escape from the tutorial level, Brandon decides not to rush through the enemies and turrets and instead slowly eliminate them one by one – as a result he does not seem to like leaving untouched elements in his game.  When given the option of what structure to build first for the Bastion hub level, he chooses the Arsenal and acquires the Mirror Shield.