Participation Blog Post

Throughout the semester, this course bought up many intellectually challenging topics for discussions that was often met with either bustling banter or silent contemplation.  While many consider the former more comfortable, there is a merit to the latter response as well.  That is not to say, that I always chose silence over action, but I offered my offering towards the class’s discussions and lecture if and only when a proper and informed response could be formed.  I have turned in the majority of graded blog post assignments, save for the ones I missed while ill – but more importantly, each and every major project given was turned in promptly and executed as instructed.

The question of participatory involvement hinges not on what is deserved, but rather what was earned – and I’ve indeed earned at least a “B” grade in participation.  Gaming has a special role in my life, as it does for every other student in this course; but what guarantees success in the end isn’t a simple love for fun – rather, it is the ability to apply complexity and scholarly study towards it; and in doing so, gaming as an art form thrives as an art form.  I’ve learned this from the times I’ve taken part in talks amongst peers and also to the instructor, and a mere “C” or below average participation grade could never accomplish that.