What is Narratology?

  • Narratology, as described by the John Hopkins guide, is the representation in which plot, character, and settings are narrated.
  • It is vastly different from “plot” and “story” as narratology serves to be a vessel to carry and represent those categories.
  • Narrative also deals with “point of view” – and the questions of whether it stems from the author’s point of view, or rather the interpretations of those who would create their own “narrative”.
  • (From JHGLTC)
    • Narrative is a part of the general process of representation that takes place in human discourse
    • Story comprises of “all the events that takes place in a narrative” ; while plot comprises of the “underlying causality that binds these events together and demands that some events be narrated and not others”. And Narrative is is “how all these events with underlying causality are created – in what sequence, through which devices, and what kind of narratorial voice.

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