Q: What is a novel?

A: A novel is a physical medium (which can be viewed digitally if available in such fashion) in which multiple pages chronicle the writer’s story – whether it be fiction, non fiction, biographical, or non-biographical.

Q: How is the “hectic” represented in the House of Leaves?

A: The hectic is represented by the pure unbounded nature of how the book structures itself.  It does not adhere to a set format for text, font, nor paragraph style – instead, it chooses to use inconsistency and hectic chaos to achieve it’s means.

Q: What would be considered a bibliographic code in House of Leaves?

A: A bibliographic code in House of Leaves would be considered any of the pages that uses a less-than-normal format or style to present it’s text.  For instance, the page where the text is purely in brail, or the pages in which all of the text is upside down and half of the page is empty.

Q: How would you map a Black Hole?

A: I would attempt to map a Black Hole (if it is possible) by furthering my scope of the situation into realizing the Black Hole’s infinite boundaries.

Q: How does House of Leaves break the rules of a physical novel?

A: It breaks the rules by not having it’s narrative cohesively presented in one, concise, decisive format throughout.  It also betrays the standards of a physical novel by having footnotes that more or less confuse the reader more than inform them.




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